Welcome…I’m glad you stopped by! Whether you’ve read my books, heard me speak, or are simply trying to get a better picture of who Vicki Kuyper really is, this is the place. I’d much rather prefer a one-on-one over a cup of tea, preferably in some exotic locale, but hopefully you’ll come away from your time here feeling refreshed and renewed, not to mention well-informed.

As of November 2008, you’ll find my new book, Breaking the Surface: Inviting God Into the Shallows and Depths of Your Mind, on bookstore shelves. Like my previous book, Wonderlust: A Spiritual Travelogue for Adventurous Souls, this title is about exploration and discovery. But this time, instead of exploring the world around me, Breaking the Surface invites you to join me on an inner journey of mind and heart. Here we’ll tackle together the Big God, Small Brain dilemma and dive deeper into the adventure of building a relationship with a God we can’t see, hear, or touch.

You’re warmly invited to join me on this journey, whether through the pages of my book, or by perusing my website. And if you have a personal journey you’d like to share with me, I invite you to drop me an email at vicki@vickikuyper.com.

Blessings, Vicki J. Kuyper